Dear Sirs, Form Focus PL Sp. z o.o. founded in Poland in 1992 provides OEM logistics and manufacturing services to professional audio customers and specializes in loudspeakers built to order. Our OEM products are supplied as complete speaker systems with integrated electronics or unloaded speaker cabinets as well as loudspeaker drivers and components as needed to suit your application. Form Focus PL posses own tooling for components as well as for final products. Your concepts are turned into pre-production samples which after your approval go into production. High quality components are sourced on both domestic and international markets. We are committed to providing highest quality products and professional service to our customers. Our growing production facility has been set up for maximum efficiency and flexibility as well our operating structure enabling Form Focus PL to adapt easily and follow quick changing market demands. Our clients from Poland and EU represent well known, high quality brands in the professional sound industry. Form Focus PL office and manufacturing facilities are advantageously located on the A-2 highway (Berlin – Warsaw) about 70 km east of Poznan. Having achieved through years necessary experience in cooperation with demanding customers and responding to the market cost savings pressure we intend to increase our manufacturing capacity. We invite to cooperation all our potential professional audio OEM system partners offering competitive priced and cost effective source for your high quality products with ultimate goal of building long-term business relationships.

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